Hospital Care

When you or a family member is admitted to the hospital it can be a difficult time. We want to ensure you receive the best care which is why we have a highly trained team of doctors who specialize in hospital medicine in patients 18 years of age and older*, known as Hospitalists. Our hospitalist team cares for patients at both Unity Point Health- Finley Hospital and MercyOne- Dubuque both in Dubuque, Iowa.
*Patients under the age of 18 will be cared for by our Pediatric and Family Medicine doctors.

Hospitalist Services

Throughout your entire hospital stay you can contact your hospitalist by asking the nurse. Depending on how long your hospital stay is, you may be seen by more than one hospitalist. 

Follow Up Care

Your hospitalist with work alongside your primary care doctor and any specialist you are currently receiving care from. If you do not have a primary care doctor our hospitalist will help get you an appointment at one of our primary or specialty care clinics.


We know that being in the hospital can be hard. We have included some answers to frequently asked questions here. 

Does my regular doctor get information from my hospital stay?

Yes. The hospitalists of Grand River Medical Group work closely with your primary doctor during your hospital stay. This partnership allows you to receive high quality care during your stay and helps you focus on getting better. With your primary care doctor knowing the details of your hospital stay, they can coordinate your care and schedule any follow up appointments as necessary.

What happens when I leave the hospital?

After you leave the hospital, your primary doctor will continue to manage your care and answer any medical questions you may have. Any follow up appointments you may need will be scheduled with your primary care clinician, not the hospitalist.

When would I receive care from a hospitalist? 

Patients who are 18 years of age and older and have been admitted to the hospital will be treated and cared for by a hospitalist.