April 1, 2021 Letter to our patients 65 and older

Dear Valued Patient,

At this time, we believe we have made or initiated contact with all current Grand River Medical Group patients, 65 and older, to schedule their vaccine appointment OR have recorded receipt of vaccine according to the State of Iowa vaccination records.

We understand that some of you may be frustrated or wondering why GRMG did not reach out to you to be vaccinated. Due to this frustration, we wanted to take a moment to share with you our process. As our allocations were decided by county public health, we began to make individual phone calls to our patient population, 65 and older, in age order from oldest to youngest. We had over 10,000 patients within this priority group that we needed to reach out to and were receiving minimal (less than 550) doses of vaccine weekly. As stated in previous updates we were reaching out by phone, text, or email to our patients 65 and older, but primarily by phone. We wanted to make this process as smooth as possible for those who may not be tech savvy, do not have internet access, or text messaging as part of their phone plans.

During this entire process we continued to work alongside public health, as well as other local vaccine providers, to vaccinate our community as quickly as possible. As vaccines became more widely distributed in recent months to local pharmacies and other vaccine providers in the area our patient's ability to get the vaccine became more widely available.

At that time, prior to making an outreach to our patients, staff would check the vaccination records through the Iowa Department of Public Health. If records stated the patient had been vaccinated already we did not make an outreach and moved on to the next patient. Throughout this process we have encouraged patients to receive the vaccine at their first available opportunity, knowing that supply would not meet the demand. We are thankful that some of our patients were able to receive their vaccine from other vaccine providers in the community prior to our outreach.

If you have not been able to be vaccinated and wish to be, we are receiving an allocation for next week and will be opening the online scheduling tool on Monday at noon. You can visit our Vaccine Scheduling Page to learn more about how to request your appointment online and review step by step instructions to ensure you are prepared and ready to request your appointment on Monday.

Grand River Medical Group

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