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Shawna Tobin, ARNP

Year Started

Shawna will care for patients in skilled nursing facilities such as Manor Care, Stonehill, and Hawkeye in Dubuque, IA.

Shawna became a Nurse Practitioners after a lot of thought. At first she was undecided on a career path but ultimately decided to pursue nursing after her mother, a nurse, proved how rewarding and flexible it can be.

She attended the University of Iowa Nursing School and after completing her BSN she was accepted into the Adult/Geriatric DNP program.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family, gardening, running, and reading.


Professional Affiliations



DNP Capstone Project
• Developed an evidenced-based project regarding incontinent geriatric residents in the assisted living setting
• Implemented and established a continence protocol into the admission process at the assisted living facility
• Provided education to nursing staff and evaluated their knowledge pertaining to urinary incontinence
• Screened and assessed newly admitted residents for urinary incontinence
• Guided staff to implement individualized behavioral interventions to address their incontinence status in hopes to improve their bladder health, decrease social isolation, and promote quality of life

Continence Promotion in Assisted Living

• Recruited by Professor Paula Mobily and Professor Janet Specht after Independent Honors Project
• Promoted and recruited assisted living residents to partake in the study
• Contacted and screened potential research subjects according to the inclusion criteria by performing the Mini Cog and Incontinence Symptom Questionnaire


Office Locations

Shawna Tobin, ARNP
Graduate Education

University of Iowa, Adult/Geriatric Doctor of Nursing Practice 


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