Online Scheduling

Find your next appointment online. Currently only available for current patients requesting a same day appointment at our Family Medicine Clinic. If you need to schedule your annual exam or well child visit call the office.

How to Schedule an Appointment

Women making appointment on tablet.

Online Scheduling

Book your same day appointment.

Book an appointment

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We make it easy to schedule your appointment in just four simple steps.

  1. Click the 'Book an appointment' button. Select your doctor, appointment date and time. Nothing available that works? Contact your doctors office directly to schedule your appointment.
  2. Complete the secure questionnaire and enter your information*, visit details, and insurance information. *If appointment request is for your child please use their information under patient details.
  3. Ensure you have enter a valid phone number- you will receive a verification text message or automated call back to confirm your appointment.
  4. Enter the verification code you received from the text message or phone call on your online form. You will need to keep your web browser open until you have entered this code. After your code is verified, click on the “Book Now” button otherwise your provider will not be notified of your appointment. If you do not immediately receive this verification text or automated call or have any questions, contact the office.

Once you click on "Book Now", you will receive an "awaiting appointment email" from on behalf of the office. This email indicates that we received your request for an appointment. If your appointment request is approved, you will receive a second email indicating your appointment has been confirmed for the schedule date and time you selected.

Preparing for your visit

Bring your photo ID and primary/secondary insurance cards to the appointment to ensure your claim is processed properly. If you do not have insurance coverage click here to learn more about our self-pay services.

Appointment Types

When choosing your appointment type in the online booking platform you will may see the following options:

  • Same Day Visit- Appointments for acute illness or injury, such as ear ache, mild sprain, UTI symptoms, etc.
  • Follow-Up Visit- Appointments for a follow-up to a previous visit.
  • New Patient Visit- Appointments to establish care with a new doctor.

If you do not see your preferred appointment option call our office to schedule.

Healow App

Already on healow? You can use our phone/tablet app to schedule your appointment too!
Not sure what healow is learn more about the Healow App and our patient portal