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At Grand River Medical Group our Family Medicine Clinic offers healthcare to patients of all ages at every stage in life. Whether you are an expecting mother, parents with a new-born or adolescent child, seeking adult or geriatric care, they can provide care for the entire family. Our family medicine physicians are certified by the American Board of Family Medicine and stay up to date on current information through continued medical education. Our Nurse Practitioner and Physicians Assistant are also board certified and consult with our physicians to ensure we are providing high quality and consistent healthcare.

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Physicians Specializing in Family Medicine w/ Obstetrics (OB)

Dr. Steven Haas

Dr. Steven Haas 

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Dr. Brian Nelso

Dr. Brian Nelson 

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Dr. Amy Ewen

Dr. Amy Ewen

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Dr. Sarah Jacobitz-Kizzier

Dr. Sarah Jacobitz-Kizzier

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Advanced Practicing Professionals specializing in Family Medicine

Angie Kutsch Angie M. Kutsch, ARNP

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Kyle T, Tevebaugh, PA-C

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